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i’ve had the pleasure of working as an audio engineer or composer on many different projects outside of music. i have experience as a live sound engineer for dance and theatre shows, sound design for theatre, and on set sound recordist. as well as experience in many aspects of post-production sound from dialogue editing to foley to mixing.

Recording studio set up with a lot of chairs and microphones

success horizon

success horizon is a multimedia play written by nawi moreno-valverde. it had it's world premiere at the 2021 toronto fringe festival.

Success Horizon title card

covid in the house of old

COVID in the House of Old honours and informs. Seven storytelling chairs present powerful narratives of grief, frustration, care and love. It takes a deep dive into the topic with our 6 episode podcast series.

Working on COVID in the House of Old has provided an opportunity for me to combine my work in audio with my interest in social justice and activism. 

The process of creating and editing together these interviews for me has felt similar to home movies and home recordings. The interviews are filled with stories and moments that are incredibly personal to an individual or family but yet they still manage to speak to universal truths.

It has been an honour to be able to play a part in telling these stories to create a way to memorialize and reflect on the profound loss that has happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

COVID in the house of old title card
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